How to Prepare for Selling Your House

If you need a realtor in Ohio or Kentucky, Affordable Realty’s your local ticket to real results. And, to help get you started, here are four tips for selling your home:

You want potential buyers to imagine themselves living in your home. They can’t do that if all your stuff’s clouding their vision. Sell your home faster by decluttering and moving anything too unique—that painting of Elvis on blue velvet, perhaps?—into the garage or storage. This both lets potential buyers see the house for what it is and helps you organize ahead of packing.

Perform Repairs
Potential buyers will hire an inspector. Anything they find wrong, they’ll want deducted from the final price. Save yourself cost, and headache, by fixing any potential problems before listing your house. That means fixing leaking faucets, broken electrical sockets, termite damage—anything a buyer may try to turn into a discount.

Price It Right
The biggest barrier to selling a house is an unreasonable price. Move your house faster by pricing it fairly in comparison to the market and neighborhood. If you need help determining which price is right, Affordable Realty can help.

Spread the Word
Hire a realtor who knows how to market your property. Some realtors simply wait for potential buyers to appear. Great realtors go above and beyond, using social media, online portals, and good old word of mouth to make sure your house receives the most attention. That’s what we do here at Affordable Realty and it makes all the difference.